L’Aurore story - A 3th Generation of craftman family.

Thanh Hà village – our home town is well-known as one of three famous traditional embroidery villages in Vietnam (Van Lam, Quat Dong, Thanh Ha)

As the 3rd generation with the spirit of loving the profession and the desire to preserve and promote the highest embroidery techniques passed down from generation to generation, we promote Vietnamese handmade embroidery products to the market abroad, meeting the rigorous requirements of the most sophisticated customers.

Our experience in processing embroidery items for the European market since 1995 is evidenced through our collection of unrivalled items, unique in bringing together art, style and devotion.

Passion for perfection

Since our grandfather, our family is always try our best to make the best embroidery items. We are strongly believe that, the perfect items are made from the minor perfect details. That’s the reason why we are concerning about the meticulousness in each steps of production.

We are not about creating a mass-market product. If you find out us, it means that you are seeking for the items which hand made on the best fabrics from Ireland, Belgium and Italia. These products are all hand embroidered by our artisans who sticking with this job for 20 years or longer. Our quality control team are always be here to assure that you are completely satisfied when you hands touch our products.

We have a commitment to supply you with an enviable linen and whose unparalleled quality can stand the test of time.

Our dearm